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If you are experiencing hair thinning and or scalp problems, we have the right solutions and treatments for You.

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Nima Mahdavian Trichology Clinic

Specialist in diagnosis and treatment of hair problems, scalp disorders, disease & conditions, PRP and PRF

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To diagnose your hair and scalp condition,
at the consultation we follow the following steps:

  • A full case history will completed (for the first consultation up to one hours).
  • Examining the scalp and hair (and other associated body part such as nails if required)
  • Clinical photography will be taken (for monitoring the progress, if required).
  • Samples are taken (if required for the further microscopic investigation and examination)
  • To confirm the diagnosis further tests may required such as blood test, hormone level test.
  • Diagnosing the condition.
  • Treatment plan.
  • Followup appointment.

Looking for an Expert Consultant Trichologist?

Discover the Benefits of our Hair Treatments to Grow Your Hair Again.​

We want to help you have the best, strongest, and healthiest hair you can.

Our hair often loses its strength and resilience due to daily exposure to the way we live our lives.

for many people hair loss impacts their self-image and self-confidence and it can affect their personal life and carrier.

Hair and scalp conditions might change from time to time, it can become greasy, thin, rough, dry, dull, suffer split ends, etc.

In some people, hair only grows to a certain length and then becomes so weak that it just breaks off.

If you are suffering from issues with hair growth, or scalp problems, then you should visit the nearest trichology clinic.

At trichology clinic we will examine the condition of your hair and scalp. 

With the help of trichological therapy and hair care products, for use at home, your hair can be to its natural condition.

At the London Hair Care Clinic, we will thoroughly investigate your hair and scalp condition, diagnose your hair and scalp condition and advise you as to the correct treatment regime. Many patients suffer from more than one  condition, and the cause(s)  can be internal, external or both; treating one  condition will not necessarily cure another especially if it is an internal cause such as the immune system, hormone imbalance, viral, bacterial, genetic, etc.

Health Condition & Hair Loss

Many health condition cause hair loss, we works with your GP and other health care professional to diagnose and treat your hair loss condition.



Diagnosis of hair loss and scalp disorder condition

is the key fact to treat hair loss condition.



Trichological Treatment

For the treatment of scalp and hair problems we will prescribe you trichological treatment remedies such as shampoos, ointments, creams, etc. 



The holistic revolutionary repair system treatment which is works on the basis of body’s natural healing process and no synthetic material involved.


Massage Therapy

Head massage increases the health of hair follicles by increasing blood circulation and helps with removing toxins.



Nutrition Therapy

Malnutrition and overnutrition in your body including certain vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids cause hair loss as well as other health issues.


Alopecia Areata
Alopecia Areata
Male Hair Loss
Female Hair Loss
Female Hair Loss
Children Hair Loss
Children Hair Loss
London Hair Care Clinic
Temporary Hair Loss
London Hair Care Clinic - Laser Hair Removal - Alma - Soprano Titanium
Permanent Hair Loss
Hair Conditions
Hair Conditions
Scalp Conditions
Scalp Disorders
London Hair Care Clinic - Laser Hair Removal - Alma - Soprano Titanium
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