Female hair loss and hair thinning is very stressful for women as it impact their look and self-confidence.

Most hair loss cases in women can treat well if accurate diagnosis and right treatment regime chosen on-time. 

Delay in treatment may cause permanent hair loss especially in viral, bacterial, fungi and hormone imbalance conditions as well as androgenetic and some type of alopecia aerate.

Female hair loss can have several different causes, such as genetically, menopause, hormonal imbalance, nutritions deficiencies (especially iron), emotional reason, immune system disease, diabetes, or other medical conditions, sometimes two or more conditions appear together leading intense hair shedding, which treatment of condition required accurate diagnosis of condition or conditions and choosing right treatment in right time.




Some conditions such as female genetic hair loss, or immune system conditions are not curable, however, trichologist can help you to control the condition and delay hair shedding progress by right hair care regime, nutrition, etc, to minimise risk of hair shedding by other causes.

Due to your condition, your trichologist may advice you other medical solution available for you such as PRP therapy, mesotherapy, microneedling, hair transplant, etc.


Trichologist are specialist to help you to make sure your hair and scalp condition controlled and treated well as well to make sure it not return and or effect you again.

Electro therapy, laser therapy and massage therapy are beneficial to boost the hair follicles as well as medication such as minoxidil and other medicine for re growth of hairs and controls hair shedding, your trichologist can advice you the right treatment to you due to your hair loss condition.

There are a lot of cosmetic product that patient with hair loss can use to cover the area of the hair loss such as camouflage, hair fibres, hair pieces, wigs, etc.


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