Hairpieces and wigs are a perfect choice for patients who suffer from temporary or permanent hair loss; however, they should not be sewn or glued to the scalp as they can cause traction alopecia and make the patient’s scalp condition or hair loss situation worse.

Hairpieces and wigs help you to look with natural hair; the benefit is you have several choices in colour, length, model, etc.

Most singers, movie stars and actors, also judges are using hairpieces and wigs to have a better look with immediate change.

However, there is still taboo for many people, especially men, to use camouflage for their hair and scalp.

You can not believe how many people around you everyday use hairpieces and wigs.

Looking good improve self-confidence; wigs, hairpieces, hair extension, hair colour, makeup, perfume, even high hills, etc. all are things we use on a daily basis to look better.

Camouflage is beneficial for temporary covering areas of the scalp with less density of hair.

Camouflage options due to individual patients requirement are includes:

       – Temporary hair fibres
       – Tattoo
       – Scalp make up
       – Scalp micropigmentation
       – Hairpieces & wigs

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