Hair and Scalp Problem

Cause of scalp disorders and hair loss problem in infants, children and teenagers are mostly different from adult, therefore, it should consider with special care.


Hair and Scalp Problem

Children are more potent to catch the headlice, ringworm and other scalp and hair conditions.

For the treatment and removal of lice, over counter lotions and shampoos are available in the pharmacies.

The course of treatment must be completed as advised for the lotion/shampoo, as lice egg will hatch and condition will return if the period of the treatment course not completed.

Special comb will aid to remove the lice from hair.

Unfortunately, many children experiencing hair loss during their childhood and puberty, children’s hair loss is an incredibly distressing issue, which can impact their self confidence, self image and cause emotional and psychological issues, however, with on time accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment most children’s hair loss problem can be effectively treated.

The utmost children’s hair loss conditions are:

  • Alopecia areata 
  • Diffuse (excessie) hair shedding
  • Trichotillomania
Alopecia Areata - Temporary Hair Loss
Hair Loss in Children - Nutrition deficiency

Some children, due to the stress, bulling or emotional issues, may have habit of pulling their hair, which can cause hair and scalp problem and lead it to the hair loss, infection, secondary infection, etc.

Hair loss can be temporary or become permanent, if the condition not treated on time.

Trichotillomania - Permanent Hair Loss in Children

Children’s consultation and treatment required extra care and support from family member and their trichologist.

Hair wash and combing for children with long hair, curly hair, fizzy hair, oily hair, is not easy, therefore, it is required that their parent make sure their hair washed properly and rinsed throughly and also monitored regularly.

To comb the hair easily, applying conditioner would be beneficial after shampooing.


Hair and Scalp Problem

Due to hormone change and genetic factors, during the puberty, some teenager’s hair becomes ticker and it’s texture, type and colour may change, however, some will experience hair thinning and hair shedding.

Your trichologist can assist you to find the cause of hair loss and treat and control the condition.

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