Permanent hair loss are mostly due to anderogenetic condition, the genetic hair loss are not curable, however, your trichologist can assist you to control the condition with correct haircare regime, nutrition therapy, medication to delay the hair loss progress.

There are some medication available for androgenetic hair loss control which your trichologist can advice and prescribe for you after your health checkup and consultation.

Hair transplant is a one of the treatment advisable for the patient who their hair shedding progress are stabilised and have a good donor area.

PRP therapy, mesotherapy and microneedling also good boosting treatment for controlling the hair shedding in androgenetic hair loss and hair thinning.

Minoxidil, finasteride and other medication are also available, however, trichologist required to check what treatment is suitable for individual patient as medication can have side effects and you don’t like to experience wrong treatment which may not result satisfactory.

Permanent hair loss can experienced due to other health conditions such as scalp viral, bacterial or fungi infection, folliculitis, hormone imbalance such as thyroid, diabetes, menopause, etc. Immune system disease affecting scalp and hair such as total alopecia and universal alopecia, accident, and many more reason, the viral and bacterial condition may curable and controllable if treated on-time, otherwise the permanent hair loss in the patch or several patches area of scalp or maybe all scalp may result.

When the permanent hair loss happen can not reverse it, the only option is treatment of cause to stop progress of condition and not cause other health issues.

There are several options for individual patients who experiencing permanent hair loss, such as camouflage products, hair fibres, hair pieces, wigs, micropigmentation, tattoos, and such as. This product are designed well to give natural look as much as possible to you.

There is still taboo for many people specially men to use camouflage for their hair and scalp.

Wigs, hair pieces, hair colours, makeup, perfume, clothes and high hills are designed in to give us a good look and we enjoy our day to day life.


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