Hair and Scalp Problem 

Most hair and scalp problems can be treated well and condition controlled, if the patient visit their trichologist on-time, to treat their hair/scalp problem.

The accurate diagnosis is essential and key fact to consider for you a right treatment regime, medication and trichological remedy product.


Causes of Hair and Scalp Problems

There are many different causes for hair and scalp problems, some only effect hair (such as split ends, bubble hair, over processing, etc), some only effect scalp (dandruff, psoriasis, etc) and some causing hair and scalp problems (alopecia areata, folliculitis, ringworm, etc) , each condition need to be treated differently, the patient who have more than one hair/scalp disorder required to be treated for all conditions.

Trichological Product

Trichological remedy products such as shampoos, lotions and ointment are specially designed and formulated to treat effectively hair and scalp conditions.

Trichological product made with special care for each individual patient, trichologist do not use preservatives, perfume or colour on their product to prevent trigger or allergen on patient’s hair and scalp.

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Hair loss Problems  – Hair shaft disorders 

Hair loss known as alopecia in the medical term, hair loss & hair shaft disorders and conditions can develops from primary sources. 
Hair loss & hair shaft disorders categorised as:

Each condition need to be diagnosed and treat accurately, by controlling the condition not to progress further, in some condition we need to corporate with your GP, dermatologist, endocrinologist, hormonology specialist, etc.
Patient’s treatment regime will considered according to their sex, age, genetic, medical history, etc.

Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss and hair thinning is very stressful for women as it impact their look and self-confidence.

Most hair loss cases in women can treat and control well if accurate diagnosis and right treatment regime chosen on-time. 

Male Hair Loss

Most of the men suffering from emotional impact of their hair loss.

Male pattern hair loss is genetic inheritance, however, male hair loss required to investigated truly as it may not only be through their genetic hair loss but hormonal imbalance, nutrition deficiency, environmental, stress factor, or combination of them.

Children Hair Loss

Many children experiencing hair loss during their childhood and puberty.

Children’s hair loss is an incredibly distressing issue, which can impact their self confidence, self image and cause emotional and psychological issues.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia (hair loss) can occur by several different reason and in different area of scalp or face (in men).

The cause of alopecia areata could be autoimmune disease, genetic, stress, hormone imbalance, tooth loss, etc.

Alopecia areata can be temporary hair loss or become permanent in some cases if not treated.

Temporary Hair Loss

Temporary hair loss may occur due to the several health condition such as high fever, corona infection, blood loss, childbirth, operation, weight loss, stress, chemotherapy, hormonal imbalance, nutrition deficiency, hair styling and product and many more.

Permanent Hair Loss

Can occur due to the health conditions such as immune system diseases, scalp’s viral, bacterial or fungi infection, folliculitis, hormone imbalance such as thyroid, diabetes, menopause, etc.

Hair loss condition are curable and controllable if treated on-time, otherwise the permanent hair loss in the patch or several patches and or all scalp may result.

Hair Conditions

Split ends, dull hair, fly away hairs, etc are different conditions which are treatable.

Several hair conditions such as  telogen effluvium, alopecia aerate, traumatic aerate, traumatic hair loss, scarring alopecia can effect appearance of hair to not look suitable, each condition need different treatment and if not treated well may cause permanent hair loss.

Scalp Disorders

Scalp conditions and disorders can be very distressing and unpleasant.

Scalp condition such seborrhoeic eczema (seborrhoeic dermatitis), irritant dermatitis (contact dermatitis), psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, pityriasis amiantacea, ringworm, folliculitis,  with severe irritation, inflammation and other unpleasant feelings required special care in diagnosing and treatment.

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