Male pattern hair loss usually referred to the androgenetic alopecia which is genetically inheritance. 

Some men find their boldness nice and they like their look, however, most men suffering from emotional impact of their hair loss.

Male hair loss condition required to investigated truly as it may not only be through their genetic hair loss but hormonal imbalance, nutrition deficiency, environmental, stress factor, etc, or combination of them.

Genetic hair loss in men are not curable, however there are several treatment method to control and delay the progress of boldness, such as minoxidil, finasteride/Propecia, nutrition therapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy, mesotherapy, microneedling, massage therapy, PRP, PRF, or combination of therapies, etc.

In the patient with less volume of hair camouflage are good choice such as hair fibres, scalp makeup, etc.


Hair transplant is a good choice for a patient which their hair loss progress almost completed and having good donor area of hair, patient on younger age may required another hair transplant later, however, before hair transplant surgery, your trichologist need to check several areas and conditions to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the hair transplant and your hair transplant operation will be successful and stable, your after care regime is very important after hair transplant to make sure hair grafts are establishing well.

Some candidate for hair transplant have had not a good experience of their surgery result, their hair transplant was unsuccessful as they had an underlying or immune system disorders. 

PRP and or PRF before and after hair transplant surgery helping better and faster results in stabilising grafted hair regrowth.

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