Scalp problems, conditions and disorders can be very distressing and unpleasant.

From simple scalp condition such as dandruff which is have no serious symptoms to seborrhoeic eczema (seborrhoeic dermatitis), irritant dermatitis (contact dermatitis), psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, pityriasis amiantacea, ringworm, folliculitis, etc. with severe irritation, inflammation and other unpleasant feelings all required special care in diagnosing and treatment.

In trichology clinic, we diagnose your condition and differentiate it with other similar condition to chose right treatment, it might required some other tests such as blood test, biopsy, hormone test etc for diagnosis.

To treating your scalp conditions we might need to be in contact with your GP to treat your underlying conditions which are in speciality of your doctor.

In trichology clinic we use special trichological product which are freshly made for any individual patient with their condition needs, trichological products are free from preservatives, perfume, colour and other triggers for scalp and hair.


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