Accurate diagnosis of your hair loss condition is the key fact to treat your hair loss condition.

At London Hair Clinic, we guarantee to diagnose and treat your hair and scalp condition with the right treatment method.

We will question you about your signs and symptoms, your medical conditions, diet, family history, lifestyle, etc.


Clinical Examination

We will examine carefully your hair and scalp; in some conditions checking your nails, skin and other parts of the body might be required. Clinical samples will be taken for further microscopy examination and clinical photography will be used to check the progress of the condition.

If you require further clinical tests including blood test, hormone balance test, etc. he will refer you to your GP for tests.

We make sure the diagnosis of your condition is accurate and choosing the right medication and product for the treatment of your condition.

Pharmaceutical Preparations

For home treatment of scalp disorders, we will prescribe with trichological products, such as shampoos, ointments, creams, etc. if further treatment is required, we assist you with treatment at the clinic.

Special advice, support and treatment regime will be provided to the patients which have the habit of pulling hair.

Special support with guidance and useful information will provide to the patients suffering hair loss through chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.


Hair Restoration

With PRP and PRF therapy, injections trigger natural hair growth and maintain it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft.

Sometimes this approach is combined with other hair loss treatment procedures or medications.

Skin Rejuvenation

PRP and PRF therapy are holistic treatment in skin rejuvenation and facial resurfacing, improving the elasticity and texture, and an aesthetically pleasing refreshed appearance. In this holistic therapy your plasma is being used. Therefore, no synthetic material is involved.

Hair Transplant

For the patients with stabled hair loss and with the appropriate bank of hair, we provide advice and referral for hair transplant (FUE or FUT).

To obtain a complete diagnosis and to make sure that we have identified an effective treatment plan, we might contact your GP or Dermatologist for additional tests, information, referrals. 

Hair Replacement

For the hair replacement, in the form of wigs, extensions or weaving, guidance and appropriate referrals will be offered.

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Nutrition Therapy

Malnutrition and overnutrition in your body including certain vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids cause hair loss as well as other health issues.

Protein and vitamins such as A, C, D, E, zinc, B vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids are essential for the human health and lack of them may cause hair loss. Fortunately, treating the deficiency of nutrition through lifestyle diet and nutrition therapy will help treat and promote the rate of hair growth and health condition.

At London Hair Care Clinic, we will advise you on how to change your diet and lifestyle to have your essential nutrition with a natural diet and advice you on the supplement you may be required.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy of scalp is beneficial for hair and scalp conditions, circulation blood, oxygen, and nutrition to the hair follicles and increases hair and scalp health.

Massage of the scalp reduces stress, which is one of the causes of Telogen Effluvium hair shedding.

At London Hair Care Clinic, we offer special hair massage for the patient if it is required.

One of Nima’s speciality is aromatherapy, and if you require this type of therapy, he can assist you with a special head massage.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is popular to remove unwanted body hair in men and women.

Laser therapy is a good choice of treatment for female patients who suffer from hirsutism and hypertrichosis to reduce hair in unwanted areas.

Low laser therapy is beneficial for patients with androgenetic hair loss in line with other treatments such as minoxidil, PRP, finasteride, etc.

Electrotherapy is beneficial for some alopecia conditions and some of the immune system hair loss conditions.

Laser therapy is used in treating hair loss and removing hair in the area of the body; we use a different level of laser for each treatment.

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