Hair-Filler Aftercare


Please read the following aftercare instructions carefully and follow them closely to ensure the best possible outcome from your treatment.

Avoid Touching the Treated Area: Refrain from touching, rubbing, or applying pressure to the treated area for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

Hygiene: Keep the treated area clean and dry. Avoid using hair products, such as gels or hairsprays, for at least 48 hours following the treatment.

Showering: You may shower and wash your hair as usual, but avoid using hot water or steam on the treated area for at least 24 hours.

Heat Exposure: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, tanning beds, saunas, and hot tubs for at least 48 hours after the treatment.

Hair Styling: Avoid tight hairstyles or hair accessories that may cause tension on the treated area for at least 48 hours.

Exercise: Refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activities, such as intense workouts or sports, for at least 48 hours following the treatment.

Monitor for Side Effects: Some people may experience minor side effects, such as redness, swelling, or tenderness at the injection site. These should subside within a few days. If you experience severe pain, infection, or any other concerning symptoms, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Follow-up: Schedule a follow-up appointment with your healthcare provider to assess the results of the treatment and discuss any additional treatments or maintenance needed.