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Fagron TrichoTest™is a genetic test for personalised hair loss treatment.
Fagron Trichotest Kit - Genetic test for hair loss treatment
Manson PRP Kit - 10 ml
London Hair Care Clinic - Hair loss treatment - PRP hair and facial - trichoscopy
Mesotherapy Product
LHCC Literam

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To order PRP kit, mesotherapy product, shampoos, conditioners, lotions or other product,
your trichologist required to check with you certain facts to make sure you using correct product,
however, if you already advised at your consultation you can order your product online
or contact us by email at enquiries@LondonHairCareClinic.co.uk
 or call or WhatsApp us at 078 7170 8080.

Research Laboratory

Trichological product are remedy product which formulated and designed specially for treatment of hair and scalp conditions, disorders and diseases.

Trichological product including shampoos, conditioners, ointments, lotions, etc are made freshly for each individual patient due to their condition and needs.

Trichology product are free from the preservative, perfume, colour and other chemical which are not suitable for patient’s scalp and hair condition as allergen.

Many patient’s are suffering from the itchy scalp, in trichology lab, shampoos and conditioners will prepared specially with the patient’s need according to their scalp condition and hair type which beneficial for releasing their itchy scalp.

Every day scratching your itchy scalp can damage your scalp and cause secondary infection by entering fungi, bacteria and or virus from environment into your scalp, to stop itchy scalp trichological shampoos simply calm your scalp.

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