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To book for a consultation appointment please contact or WhatsApp us at 078 7170 8080 or email us at enquiries@LondonHairCareClinic.co.uk 

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Nima Mahdavian Trichology Clinic

Specialist in diagnosis and treatment of hair problems, scalp disorders, disease & conditions, PRP and PRF

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To diagnose your hair and scalp condition,
at the consultation we follow the following steps:

  • A full case history will completed (for the first consultation up to one hours).
  • Examining the scalp and hair (and other associated body part such as nails if required)
  • Clinical photography will be taken (for monitoring the progress, if required).
  • Samples are taken (if required for the further microscopic investigation and examination)
  • To confirm the diagnosis further tests may required such as blood test, hormone level test.
  • Diagnosing the condition.
  • Treatment plan.
  • Followup appointment.
Alopecia Areata
Alopecia Areata
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Male Hair Loss
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Female Hair Loss
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Children Hair Loss
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Hair Conditions
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